Nikki Giling

After various experiments with the fabrics of De Ploeg, Nikki Giling found inspiration in the structure and yarn of the fabrics themselves. This was the basis of the design for the RAFEL bag: having the seams on the outside allows the woolen yarn to fray cheerfully. 

Wendy Lek

Wendy Lek found her inspiration for the BLOCKS series in interior design: architectural forms, patchwork and quilts. The smallest strips find a place in her pieces. The fabrics provide graphic, happy and bold combinations for unique laptop and tablet sleeves.

Jo Meesters

Sustainability is an important principle for Jo Meesters. And his love for textiles is deep. He shows how a mix of various fabrics can lead to a beautiful combination of structure and color: the hassock PARTS. Topped, like a cherry on a cake, with a De Ploeg fabric-covered button.

Sarah Mesritz

Sarah Mesritz designs jewelry. Textiles and old needlework techniques play a key role in her work. Her inspiration for the RUPS bracelet: the colors and the yarn remind one of a caterpillar. In Dutch: "rups". The loose frays of the bold fabric give the bracelets a soft and playful appearance.

Chris Van Veghel

Chris van Veghel was inspired by the curves of the female form. Her CURVE bag is an ode to the waist and hips. The leather accentuates de smooth lines in an infinite movement, while firmly holding the inner and outer bag.